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which series fits you best?
Please note that this is only a general guideline, as everyone comes in different shapes, sizes and has a different taste in design. We strongly recommend checking out the "Product Dimensions" section of each chair's detail page, to give you a better idea of which chair fits you best!
Integrated racing as the main design element with unique combination design of two kinds of leather which makes boulies gaming chairs more fashionable and fascinating for each pro gamer. Because of its unique racing inspired aesthetic design, it’s a perfect option for people who care about the setup aesthetic.
Committed to helping people optimize their sitting environments, boulies focus on improving ergonomic design. With the new special design of the backrest, people will find it conforms to the natural curvature of the spine perfectly which can support people and help them release fatigue in long-time working or gaming.

Microfiber Suede

It's an extremely anti-friction material and usually show up in the upholstery of sports cars. It's high-quality and strong yet smooth and comfort.
*This material is used on: Ninja Pro Series, Master Series, Elite Series.

Ultraflex PU leather

It’s more durable than regular PU leather. With exclusive processing technology, the ultraflex PU leather is tested to be high wear-resistant, stain-resistant and water-resistant, yet still soft, elastic and smooth to give you soft, comfortable sitting experience.
*This material is used on: Ninja Pro Series, Master Series, Elite Series.

Cold-cured foam

boulies chairs body use cold-cured foam, soft and can help the chair keep the shape. Give you great support and keep you in a comfortable sitting position.

Reinforced aluminum

Providing extremely stability and strength, each base is not only perfectly balanced but also strong bearing capacity.
*This material is used on: Ninja Pro Series, Master Series, Elite Series.
TESTED BY AUTHORITATIVE CERTIFICATION COMPANY Tested parts: Hydraulic Lift,Multi-Functional Mechanism, Reclining Mechanism, Aluminum Foot Base.


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Verified Purchase
united kindom Thomas Aldaco
For starters, the chair was easy to assemble. The armrest were already bolted into the seat cushion making assembly a breeze. No more than 10 minutes and this chair is built. The pillows have this sway finish which is way better than other chairs that only have them in faux leather. The pillows do really stay cool. The chair is comfy and if really does wrap around your back if your remove the pillows. I have noticed I no longer have back pain from sitting a chair. Armrest are 4D with adjustments. Chair height is optimal for someone who is 5'8. And man, you can take a nap in this thing and not fear that you will fall over. I order my chair in white and I love it. Best chair I have ever bought. Forgot to mention, the wheel base is made out of aluminum, not plastic. So 10/10 for quality.
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Verified Purchase
united kindom S
So this isn’t a long term review, though once been using the chair everyday since I’ve got it for roughly 5-8hrs per day. So I feel I can write a solid review!
I've had been looking around for quite a while and stumbled across Boulders chairs. Wasn’t sure at the start, but after reading reviews, watching some YouTube video and asking around on Twitter & Facebook, I finally decided to take a risk on a brand I’d not heard from before! Glad I did! The chair (in my case anyway) is exactly what I needed and at a price cheaper than bigger we’ll know brands (though I know going cheap isn’t always a good idea!)
The Master chair has everything I was looking for, along with the support everyone should have for their backs of seated for long periods of time! The chair is so professional and comfortable, not a full on gaming chair, but somewhere in between.
So, in short ... would I recommend this chair - YES, if you’re looking for a new chair, that’s comfortable, easily put together and aren’t bothered about the well known brands or folks who make them in secrets labs, then this could well be the chair for you!
Obviously time will tell in relation to longevity but from the initial use its had, it’s holding up well.
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Verified Purchase
united kindom Arvind
Great Chair, really comfortable. I got this chair to WFH and was considering between Secretlabs and Boulies. It was a really good decision that I got this chair, worth it.
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Verified Purchase
united kindom Leigh Dawkins
It was a bit of a punt going with a company unknown to me but wow, I now know I had nothing to worry about, chair is such high quality and easy to build., tools also included. It is so comfortable and looks amazing. Delivery was very quick even in the current climate. So glad the secret lab chairs were out of stock. Totally recommended.
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Verified Purchase
united kindom CAMERON VALLANCE
I was recommended by a good friend at BN1 gaming. I was on the lookout for a chair , up to £250.
Im a big lad -15.5 stone so wanted something strong.
I bought the white ninja pro. It is very well made and very easy to assemble.
As an ethical veggie i was very pleased that the chair is synthetic leather also.
I would strongly recommend.
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Verified Purchase
united kindom Steven Ditchman
Having received the chair in good packing and well protected from getting damaged , I found the boulies ninja pro easy to put together from the instructions and when fitted all together it felt very stable and solid . I have only sat and gamed in it so far in the past week but I’m loving it from being able to adjust the back rest and arms to the correct sitting position for me . The pillows that are supplied are of a very high standard the stitching looks great on them too . I will come back in a month and give a further review on this beast of a chair . So far so good 👍🏻
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Contact us and receive a response within 24 working hours, we will answer all the questions you want to know before purchase. *1 And after your purchase, we offer 24 monthes(2-year) warranty on all functionality portions of the chair, you can plan on sitting comfortably for years to come. *2
*1. To contact us please use our contact form by click here.
*2. Aesthetic defects & misuse of the chair are not covered, click here to learn more about boulies warranty.
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