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Patterson (United Kingdom)
Comfortable, ergonomic and stylish

An incredibly comfortable gaming chair with an ergonomic design and plentiful padding in all the right areas, the price is more than justified when comparing this chair to competitors as the difference in quality is immediately noticeable.
The PU leather and padding is also very soft, and it is very easy to adjust sitting angle. Quite good back support and looks like it would support even a more heavy person. As a chair there is no noise from movement. The mechanism is smooth as is moving around on the chair itself.
As the saying goes, you get what you pay for. Compared with cheap chairs, this chair is very affordable, and the quality is also very good. It can be said that it is a real material. Not bad.

Brice (United States)
great quality - can see it lasting for some good years

It sits really nicely, can be adjusted up and down with ease and has various other settings which make it great for getting into the perfect position. Most importantly it has really good ergonomics particularly on the lower back where I often get quite a bit of pain, however since using this chair that hasn't been the case.
If you are looking for a gaming/computer chair that not only looks great but has the right support, comfortable and proper quality - this is the one for you! Five stars all round!!

Briar (United States)
Excellent chair for the price

I ordered this to replace a very old and worn out office chair I'd been using, and I've so far been blown away with the quality. The padding is soft enough for me, and so far the chair has had no issues supporting my 125kg self. Simple to build in minutes, strong, sturdy and comfortable.
Overall I think this is a very good chair for the price point, I've paid more money for worse chairs in the past.

Bryce (United Kingdom)
Excellent product!

If you want to somewhere comfortable to sit for long stints of gaming, it certainly fits the bill. Use it for gaming and also really comfy for working full days from home in the current climate. I have no regret and the quality and design appear to be very good!

Wilson (Canada)
Love it!

I have hesitated ordering a chair for MONTHS. I'm one who likes to handle and try things out before buying. I am so glad I pulled the trigger on purchasing this chair.

-It arrived earlier than expected. Awesome bonus.
-The box was packed so well and cushioned, that nothing was damaged or dented.
-The instructions were SUPER easy to understand and everything went smoothly.
- Quality is GREAT!
-Super comfortable seat and back.

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