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They may all look the same but they are not the same!

Recently purchased the Boulies Elite and this literally arrived in a couple of days. I opted for Blue Fabric as my preference is it is more comfy during hot weather periods. Took no more than 30minutes to assemble. This is where you will notice the difference in build quality as the seat cushioning build is of a high standard compared to one I purchased a couple of years ago from Amazon. This brings me to the point about they chairs looking similar but I can tell you there is a huge differentiation in quality. So if you are wondering whether it is worth spending the extra money on a Boulies over something from Amazon, short answer yes!

Top chair

Great chair, super comfortable, although I would recommend the Elite chair for the larger persons.

Excellent chair for every day use

I had needed a new office chair for a log time. I researched gaming chairs that could bare a heavier load for awhile and finally landed on this item. I wanted a gaming chair because they seemed to have more options in design and support than standard office chairs. The reason I ended up picking this chair over the other ones on my list was the adjustable arm rests.

I am using the chair in my home office, not in front of the TV for gaming. It was easy enough to assemble, you just need to pay close attention to which bolts you are using in which part of the chair. Everything in the instructions is clearly labeled and well done, it was my own fault for not using the correct ones in the correct location at first.

The chair itself is very comfortable and sturdy. It has good lumbar support with the extra cushion or without. I stopped using the cushion after a couple of days to see which I prefer but have not made a final determination. Both ways are comfortable and better than my old chair.

The adjustments that can be made to the height, arm rests, and back position are all easy to do and feel strong. The parts don't feel cheap or anything like that.

Over all I am very happy with the chair and so are my knees, back and behind. Pretty good for a chair I was not able to sit in before purchasing.

Grace Mccallion

Lovely chair well made and so comfortable ! And only two days from order to delivery excellent all round service thank you !

Alan M
Excellent Chair

Very well built chair, easy to put together and very comfortable. Great range of adjustment. I use much more expensive chairs at work (x4) and the Boulies Elite is just as comfortable. Really pleased I went for this chair.

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